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Anonymous Statement on GLA after MSU

A member of GLA (masked up) was seen filming a violent interaction with cops during the protest and on two occasions members of GLA were involved in fights with other protestors.

It was a difficult situation at MSU. As one might expect, a number “protestors” were confirmed to both undercover cops and Nazis. Those who attempted to infiltrate the crowd were seen observing the crowd, talking on the phone, and filming protestors. In one case a masked provocateur was seen later entering Spencer’s talk. But there were also a number of false positives—white male protestors who entered the area alone (not the best idea perhaps) and were approached as if they were Nazis.

It was in this context, that a white male GLA member was observed filming clashes with cops on his phone (later in the day, others from GLA were seen fighting with protestors). They were approached and asked about why they were filming. They immediately became defensive and a group of comrades (also all white men) swarmed around to offer words of support for his actions—that it was cool/ok/chill/etc. to film. None of these men acknowledged what consent might look like for others involved. None of these men seemed the least bit self aware about how they might reasonably be perceived to be provocateurs—with their distinctive attire (their blue masks, chests puffed out by tactical vests, etc.) and their unusual and aggressive behavior toward fellow protestors. Though this GLA member (who identified himself as GLA) did stop filming, he and others made no attempt to acknowledge the underlying concerns that motivated the attempted intervention.

Consider as well that nearly all those who came to see Spencer speak were white men, and the many of the protestors were also white men. Most, if not all of the undercover cops, Nazis, and other provocatuers that were outed among the protestors were also white men. Among protestors, there were lots of groups represented, but the day was dominated by the behavior of white men—the very real and violent threat that white supremacist patriarchy poses to us all. It is in this context that antifa, anarchist, socialist, and leftist protestors of all kinds attempted to navigate through space together. GLA’s strange behavior should be considered in this context.

It is frustrating to encounter such ideological myopia while protesting to stop the pernicious creep of white supremacy in America. GLA members ended up arguing with a female protestor about their comrade’s strange conduct and ignoring requests for consent, much less acknowledge how some of their behavior might be at odds with the aims of the day. Their response was framed around their right to film, and the fact that their comrades could speak for them and “back them up.”

What is the burden on all of us to make sure that protesting against violent white supremacy doesn’t perpetuate the same systems we hope to dismantle? How can a commitment to supporting a diversity of tactics still find room for consent and care? How do we negotiate ideological differences, even in the midst of a protest and chaos, without resorting to empty oaths of loyalty and macho bravado?

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