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GDC Local 26 Statement Regarding Great Lakes Antifa

In light of recent developments and long-standing suspicions throughout the activist community, the Michiana General Defense Committee, Local 26, has voted to disavow itself of any further organizing with the self-proclaimed anti-fascist organization commonly known as “Great Lakes Antifa” or “GLA”.
Many prominent and respected veteran organizers and organizations have come forth in the last few months to criticize a number of behaviors, actions, and actors within GLA. We do not wish to get into the specifics of GLA’s behavior as it has been laid out in full in multiple statements by multiple organizations.
Prior to the events on March 4, 2018 in Detroit and on March 5, 2018 at Michigan State University, GDC Local 26 nor any of its members had any interactions with GLA that led them to believe that the “beef” between GLA and various other orgs was anything more than some personal conflicts that had been allowed to get out of hand.
However, after bearing first-hand witness to GLA’s behavior in Detroit and to most of the commonly described bad actor events at MSU, GDC Local 26 can stand to the side no longer. Be they fash, feds, or just ego-obsessed glory hounds with poor tactical planning, GLA as an organization represents a real threat to the anti-fascist movement and left unity. We are not a fan of so-called “purity tests” which further divide our movement based on seemingly arbitrary sets of principles, but if a real danger presents itself (as GLA does) we have no problem calling it out and distancing ourselves from those actors.
While we are cognizant of our role as a committee of a certified Labor Union and understand that our primary role is to protect the working class in its struggle against capitalistic tyranny, we also recognize that in that role we must openly and actively fight against the fascist creep. In doing so, we may alienate some members of the working class who side with fascist interests. We work hard every day to ensure that our role in the movement against fascism and capitalist tyranny is as educational, intersectional, and all-encompassing as possible, including defense of any people who have had their voice marginalized by the capital class. It is clear from their behavior that GLA does not have the same goals in mind.
To that end, the Michiana General Defense Committee, Local 26 stands in solidarity with those orgs who have already spoken out about GLA’s behavior and tactics and will no longer associate with GLA in anyway.

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