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Reportback from MSU Stop Richard Spencer/in re: GLA

Antifascists within the Hoosier AntiRacist Movement (HARM) that attended the Michigan State University: Stop Richard Spencer, action on March 5th witnessed behavior perpetrated by Great Lakes Antifa members (GLA) that were antagonistic, aggressive and violent towards other antifascists at the action. Since GLA has exhibited that the bulk of their work is online, spreading lies and misinformation among their suspiciously large amount of followers, we felt it necessary as trusted comrades to reveal what we saw take place at this event.
First, the night before the action one of us received a screenshot from a fellow antifascist off-site, that claimed their crew had chased Richard Spencer in Detroit, that he as well as other fascists had been arrested for illegal weapons possession, and that the talk at MSU would likely not happen the following day. We fact checked this intel with other comrades we were in contact with, and identified the post as coming from confirmed GLA member. Around the same time as this claim was made, while we were investigating in the city of Ann Arbor, we confirmed the fascist entourage that was undoubtedly there to attend the Richard Spencer speech, had retreated to a private residence there. For some of us who had been in Pikeville, this was reminiscent of when the twins had spread false claims that basecamp had been compromised. Both these untrue claims, along with many other lies coming out since MSU about what had transpired there have spread wildly. We are left to believe that GLA’s lies seem to have the primary goal of undermining attendance by antifascists at each of these separate actions and planting seeds of distrust within various antifascist crews and networks.
On March 5th at MSU, antifascists were gathered in a large parking lot surrounded by an even larger field, waiting for the neo-nazis to show up, with intent to prevent them from attending the speaking event. Throughout the day, several GLA members would circle the entire crowd, walking briskly together or in a line, and then all rush up to one of three antifascists they were targeting. They would stand within inches of them, invade their personal space, and antagonize them verbally. We observed them to repeat such behavior over the course of several hours, and noticed them attempting to maintain a consistent proximity to the targeted folks.
After the neo-nazis arrived and during resistance to both the fash and police trying to escort them through, one antifascist witnessed a GLA member, later identified as one of the twins, punch another antifascist, a woman of color, in the face. A white male GLA member standing by screamed, “Shut up, bitch!” at the victim of this attack. Various antifascists who witnessed this began yelling at the entire GLA group, saying they were behaving like provocateurs. Several S & D members attempted to de-escalate the situation, and told them to save their unresolved issues for another time and place because we were there to resist the fash.At another point during this altercation, one of us witnessed a black antifascist confronting a white male GLA member about their group’s behavior. This GLA member then physically attacked the black antifascist. One of us jumped in to intervene. At this point many surrounding antifascists protesters were angry, yelling and chanting, “GLA, Get the Fuck Out.” Another antifascist yelled several times, “GLA, there is no place for you in the movement.” GLA still remained at the protest area of the parking lot, yet distanced themselves several meters from anyone else.
When the action was over, and people were walking to their cars in the parking lot across the street, we decided to keep an eye on four GLA members, who were walking together and pointing at the black antifascist they had jumped earlier. They showed clear intentions of following that comrade by mimicking every turn they made through the rows of parked vehicles. When the black antifascist was entering their car, and the four GLA members were discussing what to do, we cut them off and confronted them, telling them they were going to knock it off right now, stop following the comrade and go home, or it was going to get ugly for them. They acted like they didn’t know what we were talking about. One of us told them we had been watching them all day, that their actions were atrocious, and they needed to leave. They began walking diagonally across the entire parking lot, and we followed them until we knew the black antifascist had left.
We at HARM had seen the multiple callouts regarding GLA and have heard several personal accounts of their sketchy behavior. While some others have perceived these statements as petty and divisive beefs between crews, we find the actions we witnessed in Michigan from GLA to betray what antifascists as a whole should represent. Observing such behavior with our own eyes has confirmed all suspicions that GLA, for unknown reasons, are not comrades and surely must be the source and cause of any infighting allegations. Their behavior of immediately taking to online platforms to spread fake news narratives while most committed antifascists were busy doing jail support for arrestees is another clear indication of what these people are about. (Not that life). The event at MSU was a rousing success and a crushing blow for the Alt Right. We cannot allow GLA to sabotage our victory. We remain vigilant in our dedication to resisting the fascist creep, while GLA is apparently committed to interference with movement goals. Their consistent attempts to undermine actions, spread dissent among our ranks, weasel their way in to any circle not already aware of their bullshit, and deflect every callout accusation as perpetual victims are all red flags to us and hopefully anyone trying to make sense of this mess. GLA are doing the work of the fash and the state, are therefore dangerous, and not to be trusted.

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